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JEMS Gift Guide

Buying for friends and family can prove to be stressful and challenging, but we are here to make it a little bit easier for you with our JEMS Gift Guide! Below we will be giving you gift ideas for everyone on your list, whether they are professional, playful or...

Holiday Looks For Everyone!

In need of some new Holiday inspired looks that will last you through this season and still be wearable into the next?As always - we have you covered. We split our Holiday looks into practical, playful and professional, so no matter what your lifestyle you can...

Playful Capsule Wardrobe

You're a hustler. Always on to new projects and new ideas - and your style reflects that! Whether you’re heading to a meeting, classes, out for drinks with friends, or anything in between, you want to look your best at all times. You crave styles that make you stand...

Practical Capsule Wardrobe

Your daily routine takes you somewhere new every day of the week and your priority right now is yourself! You’re constantly learning new things, and taking in exciting new experiences. You need styles that are comfortable, polished and easy to throw and conquer your...

Professional Capsule Wardrobe

Your day might take you from home to the office, and back home again - but you’re so much more than that! You’re ambitious, focused and of course, busy. You want what you’re wearing to reflect that, and your priority with style is always the same - versatility. ...

Go2 WORK – 2019

Need a break? This Thursday Oct 10 we are excited to be launching our best fall collection to date! Come to JEMS anytime between 10 - 6 and treat yourself to a quick polish job, a hair touch up, and a new lipstick shade - all on us! Not to mention, we will have...

Top 3 Summer Accessories

Summertime - and the clothing is easy!  Why not spice up your minimal wardrobe with some killer accessories. We have a short list of 3 accessory trends we are loving, and why we love them. 1. Hair Clips In your hair and out of the way. The new hair-clip trend is the...

The Look We Are Loving This Summer

If you frequent magazines, TV or social media I’m sure you have seen matching sets flooding your feed. And why not? They are this summer's version of last year’s jumpsuit. Why are we loving this trend so much? That’s easy--matching sets make such a great addition to...

Linen Styles You Need This Summer!

What better summer fabric than linen? Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the books, and for good reason. It is super absorbent, which means it will wick away the moisture from your body quickly, allowing it to evaporate. This is a huge benefit for summer styling!...

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