Go 2 clothing presents ‘Walk the Red Carpet’ event at JEMS Boutique in aid of sexual violence awareness.

Julia and Maureen Campbell, Go 2 clothing designers and owners of JEMS Boutique, are putting down the red carpet and raising awareness for Island victims of sexual assault. With the support of “Island Mothers Helping Mothers” (Co-founder Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark) and ECMA nominated singer songwriter KINLEY (“Sharing the Microphone”), they are hosting a launch event on April 28th at JEMS Boutique from 10-6.

Last year, local musician Kinley Dowling (KINLEY) wrote the song “Microphone” recounting the night she was raped in a field after her prom 16 years ago. “Microphone” tells the chilling story, sadly all too familiar to many Island girls and women, in a powerful anthem that resonates with victims everywhere.

As a result of the overwhelming response to the song, a powerful video campaign, called “Sharing the Microphone”, is underway, created to educate PEI Youth- boys and girls- about the devastating and long term impacts of sexual assault.

The goal is to dramatically reduce the incidents of sexual assault that occur in PEI each year.

Dr. Sarah Stewart Clark, co-founder of Island Mothers Helping Mothers (IMHM), started helping new mothers on PEI when she was on maternity leave with her son. The now 5000 member group provides judgement free support and resources to low income mothers. Being an advocate for these mothers and their families and visiting many Island families to offer support, Sarah has seen the devastating effects of sexual violence and its impact on mental health, poverty, and addiction.  She conducted a mental health study in 2017 that demonstrated that 1/4 of Islanders have experienced sexual assault and 1/5 Islanders who responded to the survey reported being sexually abused as a child.

In 2017, Stats Canada changed its rate of sexual assaults that are reported to police to 5%, which makes the number of Islanders victimized by sexual violence approximately 2000 per year. Lack of immediate mental health supports is an ongoing challenge for women who have been victimized by sexual violence. IMHM is helping mothers in rural communities to access private counselling in their communities so that they don’t have to wait so long to receive mental health supports following incidents of sexual violence.

JEMS will be donating 20% of their sales for the day to IMHM and Sharing the Microphone. They will also be giving away ten $100.00 Go 2 Clothing gift cards to 10 lucky winners for the purchase of a $10.00 raffle ticket, 100% of which will go to IMHM and Sharing the Microphone.

For any questions regarding the event please contact Julia Campbell at julia@jemsboutique.ca or call 902 213 1604.

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