The JEMS Guide to Maternity Clothing: 5 Tips for Your Growing Shape!

Congratulations- you’ve got a bundle of joy on the way! Our amazing owner, Julia, recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Lila, and she understands there is no love lost for the challenge of maternity dressing. Finding the right fit while remaining fashionable in your growing shape can be tricky. But here’s some good news: we’ve formulated a list of style standards to guide you through the next phase. Let’s take the guesswork out of this because, let’s face it, you’ve already got enough to think about!

Here’s five tested and true measures for maternity clothing success, no matter what stage your bump is at:

1. Stay cool

So, you’re past the “cute little bump” phase. Now what? Your next shopping trip, like a multitude of pregnancy firsts, may result in tears, frustration, and ultimately, denial. Focus on a selection of breathable fabrics that don’t have a lot of buttons, intricate knots or ties, and zippers that may bulge. A stretch-fit cotton tunic or flowing linen dress will keep you comfortable and looking fab. Check out our Go 2 Clothing line for helpful style inspirations!

2.    Denim Do

Even if you’re not incubating a tiny human, stretch cotton and empire waist jeans are trendy and super comfy. Maternity jeans are a perfect way to look and feel good throughout your entire pregnancy. If you’re stuck with style options, approximate the best style by using your favourite pair of non-maternity jeans. Jeans will fit and flaunt your new curves and be sure to try on a few pairs until you get the right fit!

3.  Layering No-No

Be careful with your comfort choices: hiding beneath a blanket-layer of clothing will magnify your growing size. Slim your silhouette and emphasize the features that aren’t expanding: snug-sleeved tops and slim-fit pants. Tip: try wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt with cropped leggings and a long fitted tank underneath. This look is the perfect mix of a sexy, comfortable, and classic style.

4.    Bedazzle

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to add dimension and flare to an otherwise simple ensemble. Try dangling earrings and long necklaces to de-emphasize any fullness in your face. Wear a patterned scarf, an oversized cuff bracelet, or a chic handbag. Better yet, slip on a fun pair of open-toe sandals and treat yourself to a pedicure!

5.    Colour Pop

Before you’re actually ready to “pop”, brighten your look with lots of colour. Summer is the perfect time of year for wearing a vast array of shades. Opt for sundresses with playful prints and bold patterns: they’ll keep you feeling comfortable and chic.

Along with folic acid and regular exercise, keeping comfortable is the best thing you can do for your baby; the increased confidence and discomfort relief will do wonders for your mood! If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear (or what not to wear), stop in for a visit! Be sure to check out our new and super cute “Baby Jems” collections! We’ve got great styles for your little one: cotton dresses, leggings, headbands, bibs, SPF 50 Summer bonnets, and teething necklaces for Mom to wear while baby safely chews. At Jems, we believe you can be fashionable at any age! See you soon!

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