The fall season is already well underway and, chances are, you might still be feeling somewhat disorganized while tackling the “what to wear” wardrobe challenge. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s a common problem from season to season and if you’re on the lookout for the latest arrivals and outfit inspirations, we’ve got you covered! The best part? Our looks are pieced together with staple items that work for every woman no matter age, shape, or size!
Here’s a quick list of this season’s must-haves to strut through the rest of the year in style:

1. The narrow pant

We are in love with slim-line pants because they’re the perfect part pants/part leggings and they look great on virtually any body size! We suggest a classic black pant in a solid colour or a print for a casual, playful look.

2. The cape/poncho

This is one of our favourite seasonal looks because it’s effortless and classic. We are excited to have so many amazing cozy and luxurious options in store this season! Choose from a variety of gorgeous prints and fabrics that suit any height and shape.

3. The cozy sweater

We tend to live in our most comfortable clothing options come Fall. Find balance between function and fashion with a stylish cotton-based sweater (ditch that old sweatshirt!) with jeans or opt for a long cashmere or wool cardigan paired over leggings and tall boots.

4. The tank dress

Say yes to the dress! We can’t stress the importance of this stretchy wardrobe staple. It can be fingertip or above the knee length and it works under almost any sweater, transforming short tops into longer options. Even better, the sleeveless tank dress alleviates the occasional body heat that comes with wearing too many layers. You know what we’re talking about, ladies!

5. The pencil skirt

The key to finding the perfect skirt is all about finding the perfect length. For shorter women, opt for above the knee paired with top or jacket that sits comfortably at hip-height. For those blessed with height, a mid-calf or above the ankle skirt looks fab with mid-thigh tunics.

5. The bling

This season is all about statement jewelry. Hop on board the fashion train with a velvet choker necklace, an oversized bauble bracelet, or bedazzled earrings. If jewelry isn’t your thing, why not try a pair of funky eyeglasses? We’ve got fun and stylish glasses to rock your new look this season.

Since fall merchandise has already hit the store shelves, don’t waste any more time thinking about what to wear and get a move on! We can help you find the perfect items to make the most of your wardrobe this season. With winter just around the corner, it’s also the perfect time to consider outerwear and footwear options that will keep you stylish and warm. Visit us  in-store for more style tips and take a sneak peek at our online shop for our selection of wardrobe essentials!

Happy Shopping!

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