“With spring soon arriving at our doorstep and a fresh new delivery from Cut Loose at JEMS, let us tell you why we think linen is a timeless luxury and wardrobe staple! Linen fabric has so many attractive qualities and we are not exaggerating when we say that linen tunics, tops, dresses, and pants are really irreplaceable in humid climates.

If you’ve been overlooking linen because you have a strong aversion to ironing then you’ll be pleased to know that we love to let our linen hang however it pleases! Seriously ladies, life is too short to get hung up on wrinkled fabrics. Still not convinced? Aside from the fabulous new styles and colours we’ve got in stock, the main reason we love linen is because of its breathability. The absorbency of linen is significantly higher than most fabrics, and its ability for air to breeze through helps sweat and moisture to evaporate – making it absolutely perfect for hot weather.

Heading down south soon? We’ve got you covered! Check out the fabulous new looks on JEMS online store that have just arrived.”


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