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I have been shopping at JEMS for awhile ! I love shopping downtown , your displays in your windows are always so enticing it just draws me right into your store !

I always feel very comfortable shopping in your store , everyone is so pleasant and very easy to approach , very helpful , and have wonderful ideas with fashion putting different things together !

I definitely will be returning to shop at Jems , love the styles that you carry ! Love all the promotions that you have , I follow you on social media such a great way to promote your store ! You do a great job catering to your customers and I thank you ! Carla

I have been a regular customer of Jems since they opened. A local family starting a business peaked my interest. Classy styles and not trendy is my main interest. Excellent service is well noted. Plus the honesty of yes or no that suits you.

An added feature recently is holding socials with fashion consultants present for helpful hints. Kim is fantastic! Often you don’t see styles on yourself the way others do. Change is good. The price market varies so not all expensive . Good Quality lasts.

Facebook is fun to checkout and may even tempt you to go shopping. My total experience at Jems has been super positive! Lori

I love the atmosphere at JEMS! Friendly, comfortable, helpful staff but without hovering. I feel like I matter and my business is valued and not taken for granted. Lots of inventory yet it’s still well displayed and visible. I can walk just to look around or buy, I feel equally welcome either way.

They seem to know just the right questions to ask to help narrow down my search. They give honest opinions on how different pieces suit me personally.

I feel very well served and looked after when I shop at Jems, like I and my business matter!
It is a “boutique” type store but not stuffy and for the more “elite” or high-end shoppers. There is something for a diverse range of tastes and price points. I don’t feel like Jems is targeting or catering to only a “certain” client. I think they welcome everyone in the same friendly manner.

I love the “Go2” line because of the quality and how it mixes and matches so well. I especially love the fact that Julia and Maureen have designed it and are so involved in its production and it continues to be expanded with more complementary and coordinating pieces.

I love that it’s owned, operated by, and caters to women. “Women supporting women” is a powerful force and one I value greatly! Patricia

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102 Queen Street 
Charlottetown, PEI Canada


Mon - Sat : 10am–5pm


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