About Us

Own your style, enjoy the compliments!

This has been our motto since we first opened our doors in 2008. A family owned boutique, JEMS (daughters Julia and Emily, founder Maureen, and trusty, adorable, Pomeranian Sapphie) all share a love for fashion and a desire to have the women who come into JEMS feel their absolute best!

We have recently developed our own line of clothing, ‘Go 2 Clothing’, which is a direct representation of what we love to accomplish most with fashion: style, versatility, and comfort!

We take a lot of pride in offering a brand of clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Everyone has a best feature and it’s our goal to make sure our customers know and appreciate whatever that is!




Designed in Prince Edward Island, Canada

“We take pride in offering clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. “

Monark is a new brand ignited by Julia and Maureen Campbell. They have always wanted their customers to feel empowered and limitless, and helping them discover their own style has been the backbone of what MONARK represents. Monark is about being in charge of yourself. Making rules that suit you. Not settling for anything less then you deserve. That's the crown you deserve to wear everyday.

It seems along the way we have been put into boxes about how we should look, feel and express ourselves when it comes to style and our bodies. Years, decades and centuries of accepting that we can or can’t do because of how we look or identify. We are so grateful for those who never stopped believing in their own voices, and kept expressing themselves no matter what others thought. We are so determined to continue the dialogue of how self expression through style, fashion and clothing should be individualistic, empowering, and only positive. The time is up for judgements when it comes to our bodies. Designed by us for you to ROCK because we know you are worthy. We know you are powerful. And we know you’ve got what it takes!

Real bodies, like yours. The body that carries you through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The body that serves you everyday. It deserves to be loved exactly as it is!

Maureen and Julia💜